Get to know us


We are Rita and Daniela - we’ve been friends for years, so many that we’ve already lost count, and we are now business partners!
Our passion for brands, interest in fashion, and curiosity for sustainability moved us to create NEM - we aim to inspire and empower women with a brand that is an alternative to fast fashion but keeps you stylish.
Therefore, our motto is responsible with a twist which means that our pieces are made to fit almost every occasion. With an eye for detail, we try to make them trendy and modern to fit your lifestyle.


1. Fabrics
We make our pieces from deadstock fabrics, which come about in limited quantities, making it such that our collections are one of a kind as we may never find the same fabric again.

2. Design
Our pieces are made to fit almost every occasion. With an eye for detail, we try to make them trendy and modern to fit your lifestyle.

3. Production
We work on a handmade to order by local seamstresses model. Our goal is to avoid overproduction, while ensuring every piece is made with as much care and attention as the many years of experience our team enables them to.

4. Delivery
From the time you place your order, until it arrives at your house it will take a few days. This time is necessary for our seamstresses to cut and sew your piece, and finally for our team to package it and send it out to its final destination. Allow this process to take its time, up to 3 weeks, as it is what makes your piece special.



We aim to address some of the fashion industry handicaps by giving women an alternative to fast fashion: a product that is more aligned with sustainable and ethical values,  without compromising style.

Passion is at the heart of our business: it’s the reason that moved us to create this project, brings our team together and keeps us going. 

We believe that being authentic, ethical and transparent is the only way to work. Be it within the team or with clients, we foster open communication and honest feedback.

Paying close attention to all the involved elements is how we work. Be it in the fabric selection or when handwriting notes; we make sure everything is done with the utmost care and detail.

We work to provide the best product and something we can take pride in. We try our best so that our products reflect this trait, and each experience reflects our hard work.

Care and respect
Assuring that everyone involved is treated with care and respect because we recognize the value each person brings to the project. The team's well-being is one of our biggest concerns, so we make sure we listen and respect them at every step.